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CIMA 2024-2025 Registration NOW OPEN

ACCA 2024-2025 Registration NOW OPEN

CIMA 2024/2025 Registration NOW OPEN

ACCA 2024/2025 Registration NOW OPEN 


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At COCA, we help individuals recognise their dream of becoming Chartered professionals in the shortest possible time and improving efficiency at the workplace. We provide affordable, exam focused, reliable tuition to accelerate your career development. Our unique teaching methods, conducted by veterans in the economic, accounting and finance sectors, ensure that students are equipped with the real life skills and competencies needed in real work situations. We don’t just teach; we nurture future business leaders.
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COCA’s 100% pass rate guarantee supports students to progress and excel during their time with us. Attend all classes, write all the mock exams, attend all revision lectures and you will definitely pass! If you don’t, attend the next semester classes for the same qualification for free.
Research has shown that small class sizes results in more interaction, team work and better exam performance. We have small class sizes that allow for personal attention between students and lecturers. Lecturers can communicate with students and get to know them well, allowing them to focus on each student’s unique academic needs.
Our lecturing team includes Chartered Accountants, Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMA), Chartered Certified Accountants, Chartered Secretaries and Master’s Degree holders, all of whom are active veterans in business; they don’t just teach you what you need to pass your exams, they will also impart their practical experiences in day-to-day corporate operations.


I was referred to COCA by a good friend. She said Trevor is the most knowledgeable, passionate, patient and persistent lecturer and, true to form, I saw all these characteristics. I managed to pass TOP for CIMA and now I’m a Chartered Global Management Accountant. Thank you team COCA!

Ntombi Mpembe, Management Accountant at Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd.



I chose the College of Chartered Accountants because of their exam focused approach. I will definitely continue to study with them until I qualify as a CIMA Chartered Global Management Accountant

Andrew Ndlovu, Projects Office Finance Manager at HSRC.



I highly recommend the College of Chartered Accountants as first choice tuition provider to anyone. I will definitely continue to study CIMA with them until I qualify as a Chartered Global Management Accountant.

Samuel Bokaba, Cost Accountant at Foodcorp



Thank you to the CIMA team at COCA for their exam based approach. It really boosted my confidence. I tackled the exam without fear and I passed CIMA the first time!

Thabiso May, Finance Clerk at Brinks SA.




Founder & Chairman at the College of Chartered Accountants (COCA) (Pty) Ltd

Qualifications: B. Com (Hons) Acc /ACMA / CGMA / MBA (Cum laude)/ M.Inst.D.

Studying: Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

Skills, expertise and experience: Trevor is a Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA), Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with Distinction, Bachelor of Commerce, Honours Degree in Accounting, CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting and CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting.

Trevor started his career as Management Trainee at Nestle Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd. He later joined mobile telecommunications giant Econet Wireless Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd as Assistant Management Accountant, and later assumed the role of Management Accountant. Trevor immigrated to South Africa, joining IT powerhouse Omni Africa (Pty) Ltd as Group Accountant and advanced to the role of Chief Financial Officer responsible for Group Financial Control, Group Strategy and Planning. Trevor joined Royal Bafokeng Holdings owned Elbroc Mining (Pty) Ltd as Group Management Accountant and later taking on the role of Financial Manager where he was responsible for finance and accounting, internal control systems development, performance evaluation, external audit, due diligence, treasury management and planning. Trevor has also been Financial Manager with Bidvest TFMC (Pty) Ltd, Bidvest TMS Group (Pty) Ltd and Bowman Gilfillan.

Trevor is currently Finance Director at Kaya FM (Pty) Ltd, responsible for Finance, New Business Development, and Compliance & Risk Management. He is also Vice Chairman of the CIMA Gauteng Executive Committee, Non-Executive Chairman of the College of Chartered Accountants, Director at T Twenty-One, and Non-Executive Chairman for the Institute for Leadership & Capacity Development.  Trevor is a Member of the Institute of Directors Southern Africa.

Trevor is passionate about education and devotes an extensive amount of time to developing the CIMA, ACCA, ICB, CIS, & CFA qualifications in South Africa; and out of this passion, the College of Chartered Accountants (COCA) Pty Ltd was born.

Nosipho KhumaloNosipho Khumalo
18:30 12 Oct 23
Mathebula kayiseDuring our recent session, as a budding entrepreneur in the early stages of my journey, Igleaned invaluable insights on the critical significance of selecting the right target marketand the essential techniques for launching a business with enduring viability. Moreover, Iacquired essential skills in constructing ia comprehensive budget that ensures all expensesare adequately covered. I also grasped the importance of crafting a mission statement,complete with well-defined goals and objectives, and the process of developing these coreelements. Additionally, I was enlightened on strategies for effectively managing andaddressing competition in the marketplace.I also learned that as a young entrepreneur you should never be discouraged by what people are saying , you also need to self driven and know what you what ,be perseverance.lastly never give up unstill you active what you want.
Ndiwangamurena MuravhaNdiwangamurena Muravha
18:22 12 Oct 23
The workshop was awesome! It gave us a lot of valuable information about how to start a successful business and why some fail. Mr Trevor made it fun to learn, and i left with clear steps to get started. Learning about the qualities of a successful entrepreneur was inspiring, and even the sharing resources to help us keep learning and growing as entrepreneurs was really great. The part that stood out for me most was the 9Ms model. Especially under the aspect of money where it was mentioned that excessive money reduces creativity. This is something I struggled with. The inability to ensure I use my creative juices to come up with ways to start with the little I have and not the grand amounts I was looking forward to having. And the aspect of how you can only produce high quality output if you put in high quality input.Thank you so much for the insightful session. I really learnt a lot and look forward to implementing it.
Phumla Sonto MandlaziPhumla Sonto Mandlazi
17:45 12 Oct 23
Even though my team didn’t win, I believe that life is a learning process so is entrepreneurship. As you mentioned today on the session that we learn from failures and that there’s always an opportunity and a room for improvement. Today was a day of networking and expanding our knowledge.What stood out to me the most is the GM model and having a market. There’s a lot of things to look out for but it’s important to be decisive as well, that’s why it’s important to have a mission to guide you and keep you on track. Creating value for customers was a highlight for me, I have always wondered how apps such as Facebook, YouTube , Netflix do it and you have simplified a thought I had for years in 5 minutes. Very grateful. The 4IR is here and it’s something we should consider also as times are changing.It takes time and it’s not easy to be an entrepreneur you need the skills , it can take years , that is why it’s crucial to be persistent. However there will be moments of doubts, and there will be wins. Understanding how startups fail is key . Never think short term always look for longevity think long term . I learnt about the 10 business opportunities in Africa with Food being number 1.Lastly I learnt that just as an entrepreneur money can’t solve everything there are certain doors money can’t open, so know what you want , start where you are with the resources you have , start small , always research and be curious and experiment , know your natural capital , the type of quality you’ll offer to the market , fit in , make relationships because social capital can open doors , like today I attended the session because of social capital and lastly invest your time.I was at the right place and at the right time today to have all this knowledge . A single session made a difference and has shifted my perspective . Using the skills I have learnt today , I have hit a milestone towards my entrepreneurial journey. It’s an opportunity I won’t take for granted.
Qhawekazi MdolombaQhawekazi Mdolomba
17:43 12 Oct 23
In summary, being a successful entrepreneur requires qualities like curiosity, adaptability, and innovation. When starting a business, consider the 9 M's of resources, and explore business opportunities in areas like food, renewable energy, and fintech in Africa. It's crucial to identify a market need and have a clear mission to guide your actions. Strategic planning models, including the rational approach and emergent strategies, play a role in shaping your business. Remember that business is an ecosystem where you must define, create, deliver, and capture value. The key to success is understanding these principles and applying them effectively.Qhawekazi Mdolomba from UMP Event
17:31 12 Oct 23
Today I saw the futureIn that I'm saying I was taught skills I didn't haveCOCA opened my eyes with 9M's model and characteristics of an entrepreneur building my passion for business to be greaterI found out about other people's journeies in business and how to better work on the tools that they have provided and through the experiences they have how to better build my own journey.I am a business owner yet some skills I didn't know or see necessary until todayWith these entrepreneurial skills I am not only an entrepreneur but a CEO,employer and dreamer .COCA must continue with these workshops and these skills building because little by little South Africa will thrive.
Mthobisi DlaminiMthobisi Dlamini
16:23 12 Oct 23
Today's event was very much insightful and informative, all the knowledge that was shared today was very beneficial to me and it opened my eyes more about entrepreneurship.Learning about the 9Ms was also an eye opener for me, having to learn about the importance of value chain and how it works in a business. Receiving the knowledge about funding and how to build value for your business was a great experience.It was an honor to have such an amazing event and I appreciate the opportunity of attending it.
One day with COCA and you are equipped with knowledge of a lifetime. Thank you for the workshop that you hosted at University of Mpumalanga.We were privileged to have you to sharpen our entrepreneurial journeys, some are still going to endeavour their ideas and now are getting ready to implement.From the beginning with a great facilitator Trevor Mwale, the presentation made was well prepared and delivered. Good engagement with the audience is recognized as it was impossible to sleep on this one. Well organized group activities and practicality of examples used in the sessions.Last but not least is the good hospitality provided, well catered for people to stay engaged in the workshop. Thank you for sharing information.
12:05 12 Oct 23
Having attended COCA Entrepreneurship Skills Programme today, I must say I'm thoroughly impressed. This program is a hidden gem in the world of entrepreneurship training. What sets it apart is its innovative approach to education.Today, I had the privilege of attending a sample class, and I was blown away by the quality of instruction. Mr. Mwale is not only an expert in his field but also an exceptional educator. He made complex and new concepts feel approachable and applicable in the real world.One unique feature that stood out during my exploration is the emphasis on experiential learning and approach to entrepreneurship instead of just waiting for conducive market conditions. Today's session included hands-on activities that challenged us to think like entrepreneurs and starting a business with a ZAR 2000 budget. It was a refreshing departure from traditional classroom learning.COCA is committed to fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial community. Today, I had the chance to network with like-minded individuals and even met a few established entrepreneurs who provided invaluable insights and mentorship.I also learned that they offer a range of flexible schedules to accommodate various learners. Whether you're a full-time professional or a student, COCA seems to have you covered.