Q: Should I Study CIMA or ACCA ?

A : CIMA- You qualify as a Chartered Management Accountant. Chartered Management Accountants are specialists in Management Accounting, Strategy, Leadership & Risk Management. There are 4 levels in the qualification, and after each level a qualification is awarded.

A: ACCA – You qualify as a Chartered Certified Accountant. Chartered Certified Accountants are specialist in Audit, Tax & Reporting.
ACCA mainly focuses on Financial Accounting (the technical aspects of accounting), and places greater emphasis on management, corporate strategy, analysis, broad business and management skills.

Q: Do I need a Matric Certificate to study CIMA?

A: Yes, you need a Matric certificate.

Q: Do I need a Matric Certificate to study ACCA?

A: No, a Matric Ceritifcate is not a prerequisite  to study ACCA.

Q: Any subscriptions to CIMA/ACCA?

A: CIMA annual subscription fees (Depending on the existing exchange rate £1 : R17,43 ) R2,153.00
A: ACCA annual subscription fees (Depenind on the existing exchange rate £1 : R17.43) R1,688.36

Q: Why chose COCA?

A:100% pass rate guarantee
A: Gautrain weekend shuttle services
A: Chapter by Chapter Tuition
A: On-demand education
A: Passionate & dedicated lecturers
A : Smaller class sizes
A: COCA kids Playroom
A: Exam Preparatory Boot camp

Q: I am new to ACCA /CIMA; how do I get started

A: Come to us, we will help you get started and hold your hand through it all.
Alternatively, visit the respective website, get yourself acquainted, set your own account, follow the registration prompts, Register, pay the Registration fees, and you are good to go !

Q: I cannot attend classes because of distance, can you help me?

A: We offer distance learning. Yes, in the comfort of your home. Get a free quote today.

Q: When I register with you will I get study material

A: The tuition fees include all the study materials you will need for your registered courses.