COCA has also introduced the ICB course (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) in order to accommodate prospective students ranging from post matriculate level to postgraduates inter alia.

Advantages of enrolling in ICB:

  • ICB qualifications can be completed in any week of the year, so you can become a Professional Bookkeeper in your own time, around your job, family or other commitments.
  • ICB qualifications will equip you for a future job in bookkeeping or for setting up your own business, so you have the flexibility to move between roles if your circumstances change.
  • ICB qualifications are developed in consultation with employers, government, small business owners and experienced bookkeepers. It is renowned for providing the principal and toughest qualifications in bookkeeping.
  • ICB ensures that its syllabus is rigorously practical and relevant to the work you will be doing as a Bookkeeper. ICB has many qualifications for different types of business fields including Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Management and Entrepreneurship.